Are You Square?

One of the things you will hear over and over is ‘square corners‘. What do we mean when we say square corners? Well what this means is you work the sequence each step at a time. You learn each part of the whole until you have the parts down.

You Get Out What You Put In

You will notice that I frequently mention two concepts. The first one is journey. To me, the martial arts are a journey, a process. Something that is on going, never ending. The second one is of differing views. Every one has different life experiences and different physical attributes. This colors your perceptions. I know this […]

Finding Center

I am sure, by now, you have heard Jack Sensei mention the center line. I originally learned this concept from another instructor who had studied the art of Wing Chun and so I thought it was a Chinese martial arts concept. I have seen it mentioned over and over in the writings of Bruce Lee. […]

Comments are Open

Hi everybody, I have been doing some updates to the site and I couldn’t figure out why we were getting no comments at all. I discovered that functionality had never been added to the theme. So I have made the necessary changes to the template so people can post comments if they desire. I don’t expect […]


Jack Sensei always talked about ‘Dojo-itus’. It is not something that only our school suffers from. You may have heard the phrases “Phoning it in”, “Head in the clouds”, “Not even trying”, and a whole host of others. It is a combination of “going through the motions” and not really trying. It can be brought […]