Ju-Jitsu is the father of many styles of martial arts. Judo and Aikido developed specifically from Ju-Jitsu. We teach the traditional combination of Karate, Judo and Aikido techniques. Karate focuses on strong punches and kicks, and coordination of attack. Judo teaches you to fall, roll, and use leverage to your advantage. Aikido emphasizes redirection of attack, joint locks, and pressure point control.

Grand Master Claude Woodson, while stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base in the late 1960’s, began teaching Jukite Ju-Jitsu at the Rapid City YMCA. O’Sensei Woodson learned the art while growing up in Chicago, and passed his skills along to a few dedicated students, including Al Salazar.

Hanshi Al Salazar (December 3, 1939-May 20, 2010) studied the martial arts extensively while serving in the Air Force, and he was promoted to black belt in Rapid City by his Sensei, Claude Woodson.  Assuming leadership of the Rapid City dojo when Sensei Woodson  returned to Missouri, Hanshi Salazar continued to further the art and teach  Jukite JuJitsu at the YMCA in Rapid City for many years.

Hanshi Doug Langworthy is a 5th generation Black Belt as a result of Sensei Woodson’s teaching, and has actively studied and taught the martial arts since 1983. Rushmore Ju-Jitsu has been successfully in operation since 2003, and now has approximately 100 students between the children and adult classes.