Master Langworthy began his training in Jukite Ju-Jitsu in 1983, earning his Black Belt (Shodan) in 1987.  In June 2009,  Dr. Claude Woodson, 10th degree black belt and Grand Master of Jukite Ju-jitsu, honored Master Langworthy by promoting him to 9th degree black belt. Master Langworthy was also appointed to the Board of Directors of the Jukite Ju-Jitsu Federation.  Rushmore Jukite Ju-Jitsu School is a member of the American Ju-Jitsu Association, Dojo #2400. Master Langworthy has been recognized through this national organization as a certified instructor.

Born and raised in Michigan, Master Langworthy and his family relocated to South Dakota in 1983. He and his wife Vicki, have one son, Edward, who holds a Black Belt in Jukite Ju-Jitsu, earning his 3rd degree (Sandan) in December 2004.

Since 1988,  Master Langworthy has been employed by Black Hills Power as an Engineering and GIS Technician.

When Master Langworthy began his study of Jukite Ju-Jitsu 1983 at the age of 29, he weighed over 270 lbs., had ulcers and high blood pressure, and led a very sedentary life style – a trip up a flight of stairs left him winded. He now trains five days a week, teaches four days a week, and has lost more than 75 lbs.

One of Master Langworthy’s most satisfying moments came in 1997 when he participated in the process of black belt testing and subsequently presenting his son, Edward, with a first degree Black Belt.

In an effort to continue the art of Jukite Ju-Jitsu in a traditional and honorable manner, in September 2003, Master Langworthy and his son Edward began teaching a small group of college students in his home garage. From those humble beginnings sprang the Rushmore Jukite Ju-Jitsu dojo, now one of the largest in western South Dakota.  Master Langworthy derives great pleasure in seeing all his students progress, improve and grow. “As an instructor, my goal has always been to help my students become the best martial artist they possibly can be, including achieving more than their instructor!”

Master Langworthy has been very active in organizing and leading demonstrations of the art of Jukite Ju-Jitsu at the local Mall, Central States Fair, local area middle and high schools, as well as individual courses with many private and public organizations. Rushmore Jukite Ju-Jitsu  offers free self-defense seminars several times per year, as a community service.

For many years, Master Langworthy assisted his former instructor in all aspects of running open-style Karate tournaments in the Rapid City area. On July 22, 2006 ,after three years in existence, Rushmore Ju-jitsu sponsored its first open Karate tournament!  This tournament incorporated several major rule and procedure changes, innovations developed by the Rushmore Jukite Ju-Jitsu instructor cadre. Subsequent tournament sponsors have incorporated those successful changes, for the benefit of the local martial arts community.

Competition has been a large part of Master Langworthy’s commitment to the martial arts. He entered his first tournament as a white belt, in 1984 and through the years he has entered numerous tournaments, competing in free style forms, weapons forms, musical forms, grappling and sparring. In Jukite Ju-Jitsu there is no formalized Kata, so he and his son have developed a series of open hand and weapon forms, which allow his students to compete in open style Karate tournaments.

Master Langworthy thoroughly enjoys all aspects of the martial arts, and Rushmore Jukite Ju-jitsu’s success has enabled him to host seminars by various Masters in other styles of martial arts, open and free to all area martial artists and schools.

Master Langworthy wishes to thank all of the instructors and the students for making Rushmore Jukite Ju-Jitsu dojo a continuing success, with a special BIG THANK YOU to his wife, Vicki, without whose hard work, support and understanding this school would NOT be in existence.

And finally, thanks to GOD from whom all blessings come.