Let Head Instructor Doug Langworthy and his team of Black Belt instructors teach you the art of Ju-Jitsu. Learn Karate, Judo, & Aikido — all in one! It is a Great Stress Reliever, Self-Defense Tool, and Self Confidence Builder. We are conveniently located at 311 East Saint Patrick Street, Rapid City, SD. We have classes for both adults and children. Students are encouraged to attend at least 2 classes a week.

YOUR FIRST MONTH FREE!!! For more information call: (605) 716-5942 or…

  1. Sign Up Here, once for each participant
  2. Add “no-reply@dojoexpert.com” to your friends list in the email account you provide
  3. You will get an email from no-reply@dojoexpert.com with your UID and Password
  4. Be sure to download the “Dojo Login 2” app to your smartphone so you get updates and notifications about important class updates once you get the account information from “no-reply@dojoexpert.com”
    1. Due to City Ordinances related to COVID-19, please register for SPECIFIC CLASSES below once you have your UID and Password from the email you received from no-reply@dojoexpert.com
    2. We are offering both GROUP CLASSES and ON-LINE CLASSES
  5. Be on the lookout for the invoice from QuickBooks after your first FREE MONTH

.: Group Classes :.

Until further notice our school will be offering the below classes in person at our place of business. Group classes will be one hour long with a 30 minute time between classes to allow time for equipment cleaning and shift changes. They will also be limited to 10 students to follow social distancing guidelines. To sign up simply click on the link below for the class you wish to attend, sign in using your UID and Password, and you will be added to the appropriate class. If a class is full, you will not be able to sign up for the class. For that reason, we wish to give everyone a chance so please limit your class time to 2 per week. If a class is full, it will have a line through it like “Group“.

9:00 AMGroup
10:30 AMGroup
4:30 PMGroupGroup
6:00 PMGroupGroup
7:30 PMGroupGroup

.: On-Line Classes :.

We will also be offering On-Line Classes through the Dojo Login 2 App using ZOOM so you can participate in these classes from the comfort of your own home. This option will cost an additional monthly fee (see below for details).

NOTE: You MUST CONFIRM the completion of training in the Dojo Login 2 app to get credit for taking classes this way.

9:00 AMOn-Line
10:30 AMOn-Line
4:30 PMOn-LineOn-Line
6:00 PMOn-LineOn-Line
7:30 PMOn-LineOn-Line

.: Monthly Rates :.

Number of Students

Total Cost

3 or More$70
On-Line Class Fee$5


.: Benefits :.

  • College Scholarships
  • Learn to confront and combat real and imagined fears.
  • Learn personal protection techniques and procedures.
  • Increase mental and physical strengths.
  • Increase flexibility and mobility.
  • Develop self-control and self-discipline.
  • Manage stress and reduce anxiety.
  • Improve cardiovascular, endurance and stamina.
  • Challenge your mental and physical abilities.
  • Create a “Can-Do” attitude.
  • Have fun!

Something New Just for You from Rushmore Ju-Jitsu

  • Do you have a child in the Monday or Wednesday junior’s class?
  • Would you like to learn Ju-jitsu?
  • Just can’t find the time to attend the adult class?

We are NOW offering a Ju-jitsu class For adults, on – Monday & Wednesday Evenings. Separate from, but at the same time as, The Junior’s class (6:00 pm to 7:00 pm). And again: